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Office Cleaning

Do you need an office cleaned in the Kent and Sussex area?

A clean office is a sign to customers that you have high standards. It demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail. If the office is clean then the client can be more confident that the product, be it a service or a manufactured item, is going to be of the required standard. All businesses in Kent and Sussex could benefit from this sort of boost to their image.

But regular office cleaning does not just allow you to project an image of quality and reliability. It does not just make a difference to your customers’ perception of your business and brand. Cleanliness in the office can make your business operate better than it might at the moment. It leads to improved employee health, meaning fewer absences from work and greater productivity. Bacteria and viruses thrive on keyboards and phones, just sitting there waiting for the next employee to come along and use them.

There are plenty of statistics out there showing exactly how many germs you will find on office equipment, but they are meaningless. One thousand of this. Ten thousands of that. The statistics that matter are the number of sick days taken by staff. And, trust us, this number is considerably greater in dirty offices. Why play Russian roulette with the health of your staff? Regular office cleaning can help reduce the risk of employees falling sick. The best businesses are the most productive businesses, and our deep cleaning service will help you to be the best.

Our Office cleaning service includes:

  • Phone and keyboard sterilising
  • Waste paper bin changing
  • Carpet vacuuming (if needed)
  • Floor cleaning
  • General dusting and polishing worktop surfaces
  • Windows cleaned (internally and, in some cases, external)
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Staff room cleaning