Carpet Cleaning

Our works speak for us

We use the industry’s most advanced carpet cleaning equipment and solutions.
Your fabrics will be more beautiful and will last longer when properly treated and maintained.

You no longer have to choose between clean or dry experts2clean gives you both!
The cleanest hot water extraction is what cleans your carpets best, our technology is what dries it.

Unlike other companies that brag about how little water they use so the carpets dry faster, we use a lot of water and brag about how little we leave behind.


Carpet Cleaning service includes:

  • Thorough double vacuum
  • Pre treatment spray
  • Massage
  • Fast dry hot water extraction system (clean and rinse)
  • Deodorise Spray
  • Drying time can be as low as 1 hour when I use the ‘high volume air mover’ 
  • Stain/pets removal 
  • Safe for family and pets 
  • Residential and commercial 
  • We move furniture – no cost

Fast Dry? Yes!
Most carpets are dry by the time we leave. Even in winter.

Guaranteed? Yes!
Our guarantee is simple. we’re so sure you’ll love the way your carpets look and feel that if you’re not happy, you don’t pay.

We Like Dirty Carpets.
It gives us the opportunity to show our customers just how well we can clean them.

We pre vacum, pile lift, pre condition, pre spot, care fully move furniture, clean the edges and apply carpet protectant.




Carpet Cleaning Service Price List:

  • 1-Bed flat=£69
  • 2-Bed flat= £89
  • 3-Bed flat=£105
  • 4-Bed flat=£120
  • 1-Bed house=£89
  • 2-Bed house=£105
  • 3-Bed house=£120
  • 4-Bed house=£143
  • 5-Bed house=£163