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Are you banking on getting that security deposit back from your landlord or letting agency? Do you trust yourself to do that final clean properly? Do you have time to do it? Getting a property spotless after months or even years of being lived in can be a tough task. And when there is money on the line, it makes it essential that you get it right. Here’s where Experts2clean come in. We are here for people living in Kent and Sussex who don’t have the time, skill or equipment to clean their home to the high standard required by landlords and letting companies. We know exactly what the landlords and letting agencies are looking for when they do their checks. You might miss something. We won’t. End of tenancy cleaning service.


Are you looking for the top domestic and commercial carpet cleaner in the Kent and Sussex  area? Then say hello to Experts2clean. There is nothing we love more than a filthy carpet. Why? Because it gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our first-rate skills in this area. Using the most advanced technology, we deliver the finest carpet cleaning service in the Kent and Sussex region. We really are craftsmen when it comes to carpets. We are proud of how dry we leave your carpets when we leave. Most of our rival companies will give you two options when they come to clean your carpet. You have to decide whether you want it clean or whether you want it dry. With Experts2clean you don’t have to make that choice. Our approach is to use lots of hot water to clean your carpet, because we know that this is how you get the best results. But because we use the latest technology to get rid of that water quickly, most carpets we work on are dry when we leave. Hire the best carpet cleaners in Kent and Sussex. Remember, clean carpets last longer when properly treated and maintained.


Not everyone gets their house cleaned on a regular basis, although we would love it if they did (how does twice a week sound?). Even the most diligent and enthusiastic of amateur cleaners leaves the dust and grime to build up somewhere in their home over time. Now and again you will need a serious clean, something that goes above and beyond the normal effort. We are the people to call when the time has arrived for this deep clean. Your oven might have got to the point where you just cannot shift that grease, no matter how hard you rub or how much cleaning product you throw at the problem. The cobwebs might have taken over every corner of every ceiling. You might be scared to look behind the sofa, knowing that it was three months since you last had a peep when you dropped that 50p piece. If any of this sounds familiar then it’s time to call the deep cleaning specialists in the Kent and Sussex area.


Have you just had building work done at your property in Kent or Sussex? Have the contractors left the place in a complete mess? You thought the work would have made you even more proud of your property, but the dust and debris have just left you with a headache. If you live in the Kent or Sussex area we can help with the post-construction or conversion clean-up. Our post-building cleaning service gives you your home back – and when you have your home back, you have your life back.


We don’t just do homes, of course. We specialise in offices as well. A clean office indicates to clients that you have high standa

rds. It shows that you have a sense of pride and professionalism, and an attention to detail. The best firms have these qualities and the best firms get the most business. At Experts2clean we believe that all companies in Kent and Sussex could benefit from this sort of boost to their image that we can provide. But regular office cleaning does not just lead to a better image. A clean office can make your business operate better. A clean office results in improved employee health, fewer absences from work and better productivity. Bugs and germs love keyboards and phones – it’s where they wait for the next healthy employee to come along.